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 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Burvill, TobynLennox Head Cricket Club6300.00
2 Simes, AshleyMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club6297.00
3 Williams, AlecCudgen Cricket Club5288.00
4 Ziebell, Connor ACudgen Cricket Club5263.00
5 Ziebell, CalebCudgen Cricket Club3233.00
6 Rogers, Adam APottsville Cricket Club6219.00
7 Crawford, AbeTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club4202.00
8 Moore, JustinBallina Bears Cricket Club5193.00
9 Chapples, WilliamMurwillumbah Cricket Club6174.00
10 Rose, StuartMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club6171.00
11 Cleaver, BradMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club6155.00
12 Fisher, AdamLennox Head Cricket Club6149.00
13 Callan, AngusLennox Head Cricket Club4148.00
14 Irwin, TimAlstonville Cricket Club6147.00
15 Syed, SabahPottsville Cricket Club4147.00
16 Lindsay, AndrewLennox Head Cricket Club4139.00
17 Warid, KevinMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club5136.00
18 Burns, Tait TPottsville Cricket Club2130.00
19 HOEY, NATHANTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club4129.00
20 Carlton, TomCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club7128.00
21 Burdock, SamBallina Bears Cricket Club5125.00
22 Yager, KyleAlstonville Cricket Club6124.00
23 Hordern, Toby JBallina Bears Cricket Club4123.00
24 Nowlan, AlanCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club7123.00
25 Brooks, DeclanMurwillumbah Cricket Club6119.00
26 Mison, RobCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club7119.00
27 Bennett, JamiePottsville Cricket Club6115.00
28 Hoare, Jayden SPottsville Cricket Club4112.00
29 Frost, Ben PTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club6111.00
30 King, Damien DCudgen Cricket Club5110.00
31 Shields, AdamCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club5107.00
32 Dietrich, SamCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club7107.00
33 Burvill, TrananLennox Head Cricket Club6106.00
34 Wilson, JamieCudgen Cricket Club5103.00
35 Cox, JacobTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club6103.00
36 Adams, Sam SBallina Bears Cricket Club596.00
37 Mison, MarkCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club794.00
38 Maladay, Caelan DLennox Head Cricket Club494.00
39 Jones, Todd MBallina Bears Cricket Club493.00
40 McCloy, Ryan APottsville Cricket Club491.00
41 Leahy, stevenTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club489.00
42 CRAWFORD, BENTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club288.00
43 Pearce, JoshAlstonville Cricket Club687.00
44 McDowell, ConorCudgen Cricket Club586.00
45 Bennett, TrentCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club583.00
46 Lyon, JakeLennox Head Cricket Club682.00
47 Vickers, ZacMurwillumbah Cricket Club682.00
48 Fennamore, JamesMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club480.00
49 McClintock, Hamish CTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club480.00
50 Salkeld, JordanMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club580.00
51 Harris, HenryMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club680.00
52 Hall, Luke PBallina Bears Cricket Club578.00
53 Fisher, ToddLennox Head Cricket Club476.00
54 Ewing, Sidney FMurwillumbah Cricket Club676.00
55 Cronin, OliverLennox Head Cricket Club475.00
56 Bradshaw, MattCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club774.00
57 Vanderdonk, AydenAlstonville Cricket Club371.00
58 McCabe, LukeCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club571.00
59 Ensby, NicholasCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club769.00
60 Warburton, MickTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club669.00
61 Lindsay, AidenAlstonville Cricket Club667.00
62 Bone, OliverPottsville Cricket Club665.00
63 McNally, JordanAlstonville Cricket Club664.00
64 Wilson, Heath JCudgen Cricket Club564.00
65 Van Megchelen, OscarPottsville Cricket Club562.00
66 STODDART, DYLANCudgen Cricket Club559.00
67 Wirth, BryanPottsville Cricket Club459.00
68 Champley, Benjamin TMurwillumbah Cricket Club456.00
69 Wood, MichaelCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club256.00
70 Barnwell, JesseTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club355.00
71 Vidler, DamienMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club655.00
72 Murphy, TerryLennox Head Cricket Club454.00
73 Thoms, DanPottsville Cricket Club653.00
74 Agius, JacksonMurwillumbah Cricket Club452.00
75 Hill, Kade ZMurwillumbah Cricket Club352.00
76 Wilson, TerryCudgen Cricket Club551.00
77 Watson, CoreyTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club351.00
78 Bordin, DanielTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club250.00
79 Dirou, BraydenTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club349.00
80 JOHNSTONE, STUARTTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club649.00
81 Laycock, ArrenPottsville Cricket Club448.00
82 Martin, Timothy JCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club548.00
83 campey, fergusAlstonville Cricket Club448.00
84 Ezzy, Kristiaan SAlstonville Cricket Club245.00
85 Gwilliam, BenAlstonville Cricket Club444.00
86 SLATER, JOSHAlstonville Cricket Club444.00
87 Franks, BarryCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club243.00
88 Daniels, CameronTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club443.00
89 Hamshaw, DanielMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club541.00
90 Lee, RyanBallina Bears Cricket Club440.00
91 Melville, AdamMurwillumbah Cricket Club640.00
92 Waugh, JordonLennox Head Cricket Club240.00
93 singh, RavinderpalBallina Bears Cricket Club540.00
94 Lofts, JarodLennox Head Cricket Club439.00
95 DOREY, ROBERTLennox Head Cricket Club237.00
96 Jones, zachary TMurwillumbah Cricket Club436.00
97 Asser, NicholasLennox Head Cricket Club236.00
98 Manning, LukePottsville Cricket Club636.00
99 Twohill, OliverMurwillumbah Cricket Club235.00
100 spencer, timCudgen Cricket Club532.00
101 Graham, JacobLennox Head Cricket Club231.00
102 Pickford, Mitchell RAlstonville Cricket Club231.00
103 Granger, Michael LPottsville Cricket Club230.00
104 Carruthers, Ben TBallina Bears Cricket Club330.00
105 Hughes, JesseMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club230.00
106 Hooper, JustinLennox Head Cricket Club230.00
107 Singh, SimarjeetMurwillumbah Cricket Club230.00
108 Barnett, Lee CBallina Bears Cricket Club529.00
109 Hunter, GlenAlstonville Cricket Club229.00
110 Collins, NathanAlstonville Cricket Club229.00
111 MacDonald, BenCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club628.00
112 campey, declanAlstonville Cricket Club526.00
113 Hoey, JacobTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club324.00
114 Allan, JoePottsville Cricket Club323.00
115 Gordon, AdamLennox Head Cricket Club223.00
116 Rosser, Pat KCudgen Cricket Club222.00
117 Robb, SteveAlstonville Cricket Club221.00
118 Julius, James JCudgen Cricket Club320.00
119 Seiffert, JaredMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club420.00
120 Kershler, Anthony JCudgen Cricket Club220.00
121 Rowan, JoelLennox Head Cricket Club220.00
122 Dirou, DavidTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club120.00
123 Mitchell, CharlesCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club319.00
124 Parmenter, GrantMurwillumbah Cricket Club319.00
125 Antonelli, JoelMurwillumbah Cricket Club316.00
126 Wilson, NathanPottsville Cricket Club215.00
127 Quigley, VincentMurwillumbah Cricket Club214.00
128 Perkins, JeremyBallina Bears Cricket Club214.00
129 Peenz, Anton AMurwillumbah Cricket Club412.00
130 Morgan, StephenMurwillumbah Cricket Club412.00
131 Martin, Patrick GMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club311.00
132 Carlton, JoeCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club211.00
133 Grebert, DeanAlstonville Cricket Club211.00
134 Wright, ScottAlstonville Cricket Club210.00
135 Hobday, BenMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club210.00
136 Grainger, Luke RLennox Head Cricket Club210.00
137 Thomas, ZaydMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club210.00
138 Mitchell, BrendanMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club210.00
139 Davis, BlakeMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club27.00
140 Mclean, Harris GMurwillumbah Cricket Club17.00
141 Richter, Bernard wBallina Bears Cricket Club56.00
142 Parker, LachlanCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club25.00
143 Pearce, RyanAlstonville Cricket Club45.00
144 Tripp, JamiePottsville Cricket Club35.00
145 Clarke, Aaron GTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club23.00
146 Brown, CallumAlstonville Cricket Club22.00
147 Gray, HarryCudgen Cricket Club31.00
148 Noble, GrantBallina Bears Cricket Club10.00
149 Holmes, Jordan ABallina Bears Cricket Club00.00
150 Pitman, MaxMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club10.00
151 Norris, Samuel JBallina Bears Cricket Club10.00
152 Powick, Lauden JTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club10.00
153 Freer, DarbyTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club 0.00
154 Lee, RyanMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club00.00
155 Cox, Tyson HBallina Bears Cricket Club10.00
156 Fiedler, ThomasMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club10.00
157 Kapeen, Dylan RBallina Bears Cricket Club00.00
158 Killorn, AlexMurwillumbah Cricket Club20.00
159 Carson, Stephen SPottsville Cricket Club20.00
160 Condon, FletcherMurwillumbah Cricket Club10.00
161 Orchard, ToddBallina Bears Cricket Club00.00
162 Prosser, StephenMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club10.00
163 Tay, ChenTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club10.00
164 Hamilton, LukeTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club10.00
165 Allan, JoeMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club10.00
166 Twiname, CraigBallina Bears Cricket Club10.00
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Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 10.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 10.00 Assisted Wickets 10.00
Unassisted Runouts 0.00 Assisted Runouts 0.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 10.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 0.00