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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Rogers, Adam APottsville Cricket Club240200
2 Syed, SabahPottsville Cricket Club230000
3 Mison, MarkCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club220000
4 Twohill, OliverMurwillumbah Cricket Club120000
5 Fisher, AdamLennox Head Cricket Club220000
6 Irwin, TimAlstonville Cricket Club220010
7 Bennett, JamiePottsville Cricket Club210000
8 DOREY, ROBERTLennox Head Cricket Club210000
9 Fisher, ToddLennox Head Cricket Club210000
10 Burvill, TobynLennox Head Cricket Club210000
11 Warburton, MickTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club110000
12 Burvill, TrananLennox Head Cricket Club210010
13 Leahy, stevenTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club110000
14 Cox, JacobTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club110000
15 Martin, Timothy JCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club210000
16 Ensby, NicholasCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club210000
17 Brooks, DeclanMurwillumbah Cricket Club110000
18 Shields, AdamCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club210000
19 Asser, NicholasLennox Head Cricket Club210000
20 Carlton, TomCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club210000
21 Melville, AdamMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
22 Collins, NathanAlstonville Cricket Club200000
23 Rose, StuartMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
24 Grainger, Luke RLennox Head Cricket Club200000
25 MacDonald, BenCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club200000
26 Cleaver, BradMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
27 Hooper, JustinLennox Head Cricket Club200000
28 Barnett, Lee CBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
29 Burns, Tait TPottsville Cricket Club000000
30 Thoms, DanPottsville Cricket Club200010
31 Tripp, JamiePottsville Cricket Club200000
32 JOHNSTONE, STUARTTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club101000
33 Mison, RobCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club200000
34 Franks, BarryCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club200000
35 Rowan, JoelLennox Head Cricket Club200000
36 Dirou, BraydenTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club100000
37 Bone, OliverPottsville Cricket Club200000
38 Granger, Michael LPottsville Cricket Club200000
39 Morgan, StephenMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
40 Gordon, AdamLennox Head Cricket Club200000
41 Kapeen, Dylan RBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
42 Jones, Todd MBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
43 Vanderdonk, AydenAlstonville Cricket Club100000
44 Ewing, Sidney FMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
45 Laycock, ArrenPottsville Cricket Club000000
46 Van Megchelen, OscarPottsville Cricket Club200000
47 Pickford, Mitchell RAlstonville Cricket Club200000
48 Nowlan, AlanCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club200000
49 Hoare, Jayden SPottsville Cricket Club000000
50 Bennett, TrentCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club200000
51 Carruthers, Ben TBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
52 Lindsay, AidenAlstonville Cricket Club200000
53 Yager, KyleAlstonville Cricket Club201000
54 Frost, Ben PTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club100000
55 Vidler, DamienMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
56 Jones, zachary TMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
57 Richter, Bernard wBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
58 Hoey, JacobTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club100000
59 Martin, Patrick GMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
60 Killorn, AlexMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
61 Pearce, RyanAlstonville Cricket Club200000
62 Seiffert, JaredMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
63 Orchard, ToddBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
64 Simes, AshleyMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
65 Daniels, CameronTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club100000
66 Graham, JacobLennox Head Cricket Club201100
67 Lee, RyanMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
68 Dirou, DavidTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club100000
69 Wilson, NathanPottsville Cricket Club200000
70 Parmenter, GrantMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
71 Carson, Stephen SPottsville Cricket Club200000
72 Clarke, Aaron GTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club100001
73 Quigley, VincentMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
74 Perkins, JeremyBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
75 Hamshaw, DanielMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
76 Barnwell, JesseTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club100000
77 Vickers, ZacMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
78 Pearce, JoshAlstonville Cricket Club200001
79 Burdock, SamBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
80 Singh, SimarjeetMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
81 Ezzy, Kristiaan SAlstonville Cricket Club200000
82 Mitchell, BrendanMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
83 Lyon, JakeLennox Head Cricket Club200000
84 Fiedler, ThomasMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club000000
85 Cox, Tyson HBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
86 Bradshaw, MattCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club200000
87 Norris, Samuel JBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
88 Dietrich, SamCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club201000
89 Chapples, WilliamMurwillumbah Cricket Club100000
90 Hall, Luke PBallina Bears Cricket Club000000
91 McNally, JordanAlstonville Cricket Club200000
92 Manning, LukePottsville Cricket Club200000
93 Parker, LachlanCasino RSM Cavaliers Cricket Club200000
94 Holmes, Jordan ABallina Bears Cricket Club000000
95 campey, fergusAlstonville Cricket Club200000
96 Brown, CallumAlstonville Cricket Club200000
97 campey, declanAlstonville Cricket Club200000
98 Allan, JoeMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club      
99 Watson, CoreyTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club      
100 Prosser, StephenMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club      
101 Adams, Sam SBallina Bears Cricket Club      
102 Tay, ChenTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club      
103 Powick, Lauden JTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club      
104 singh, RavinderpalBallina Bears Cricket Club      
105 Twiname, CraigBallina Bears Cricket Club      
106 Moore, JustinBallina Bears Cricket Club      
107 Hamilton, LukeTintenbar-East Ballina Cricket Club      
108 Harris, HenryMarist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club      
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.